We are thrilled to partner with Zoos, Universities and Schools around the world. If you’d like to partner with Zoo STEM Teach, then please reach out and begin the conversation about how we can support your educators, through professional development and learning, to bring Zoo STEM Teach into their classrooms. Check out the free resources to give you a glimpse into the approaches we use!

Zoos SA

Zoos SA – Zoos SA are our founding partner zoo and we are thankful for their support and ongoing discounted rates as we bring many groups through the Zoo STEM Teach experience each year. Zoos SA education programs and resources are worldclass and it is an honour to partner with them in Zoo Education highlighting STEM learning experiences.

Flinders University College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

Flinders University College of Education, Psychology and Social Work are our founding University Connection. We are thankful for their sponsorship through Scholarship of Teaching to publish our innovative and unique Zoo STEM Teach approaches with the world through conference presentations and upcoming journal articles.

What people are saying...

"At the zoo, I learnt there are many opportunities to create valuable learning experiences for students. Going to the zoo as a pre-service teacher and thinking about how to plan meaningful lessons for STEM, I was able to recognise the potential zoo has for learning and understanding concepts. There were STEM connections during ethogram, there was lots of ways we could use 1 animal and its enclosure for STEM. To plan and teach at the zoo, the teacher has to be open-minded about possible activities that students can do, and engaging with the materials available at the zoo."

Third Year Pre-service Teacher

"I learnt that STEM connections are all around us, and it is important for students to be involved in real-life experiences to understand this. It is important to use practical, hands-on teaching strategies for students to gain the most out of their experience at the zoo."

Third Year Pre-service Teacher