Zoo STEM Teach

Zoo STEM Teach is a project that examines how teachers in early childhood and primary/elementary years learn and think when considering STEM curriculum content and skills using multi-modal documentation when at the zoo.

Focusing on their experiences in Science, Technologies and Mathematics (STEM) workshops at the zoo, we aim to enrich teachers with the ideas, knowledge and passion to turn their curriculum studies into rich, authentic and meaningful STEM lessons in primary and early years. 

What people are saying...

"From my experience from the Zoo, I was able to develop my understanding on how mathematics surrounds us in everyday life and how mathematics can be fun, engaging and stimulating. In addition to this, the Zoo experience provided me with more information on how STEM knowledge is facilitated through the exploration of animals, enclosures and ecosystems."

Third Year Pre-service Teacher

"I learnt that STEM connections are all around us, and it is important for students to be involved in real-life experiences to understand this. It is important to use practical, hands-on teaching strategies for students to gain the most out of their experience at the zoo."

Third Year Pre-service Teacher